Top Ten Toys for Travelling Tots

Travelling with children is ‘fun’.  It’s also about survival.  Entertain them I say.  Here’s how.

1 Balloons – it’s easy to keep a pack in your bag then blow them up to get the party started.   Balloons are especially good for entertaining a tot in a hotel room.  They can be bounced around without causing damage to any furniture or ornaments but do pick up any burst balloon fragments as they are a potential choking hazard for little people.


Having the time of my life…

2 Sticker Book and stickers – great for planes or restaurants.  Be ready to leave with random stickers on your clothing and face.   It will give you an air of mystery.

3 Balls – I try to pack about 3 from Mr Toddler’s Ball Pit on every trip.  He loves booting them about the place.  They are small and lightweight for packing and haven’t broken anything they’ve hit, including his baby brother.  And if the poor lamb loses them I know he’s got another 97 at home.  [Don’t take anything on a plane that can roll away as you won’t be able to retrieve it.]



4 Book – a good old fashioned new book for the journey.  We were given this one which explained what a ‘holiday’ and what ‘going on holiday’ was all about – great idea.  And it’s so true that mum does all the packing.

More sodding packing

More sodding packing

5 Favourite toy – do I even need to remind any parent to bring beloved Mr Monkey, Sooky Cloth or Floppy Rabbit?  Possibly not.  But in the midst of packing passports, nappies and all the extra paraphernalia a baby needs then it’s easy to potentially forget the one toy that your child swears by.

6 Bubbles – super cute, easy to pack, make great holiday photos and easy to pick up in most toy shops.  [Though they can leak.  Don’t blame me if they leak.]

Tantrum forgotten now I have bubbles...

Tantrum forgotten now I have bubbles…

7 Your phone – I’d like my child to gently partake of arts and crafts but most children are fascinated by mobile phones.  On planes, trains and ferries I think we’ve probably all given them mobile access for a quiet life. And like all things on holiday if it’s seen as a treat then why not.

8 Let’s here it for Slinkies – Mr Toddler loves them and when he’s not playing with it I am.

9 Group photograph – I only noticed when Mr Baby got his class photo back from nursery (featuring his gorgeous self and all his cute wee pals of course) that he was utterly fascinated by it.  Bring a photo with you and make up stories about the people in it.  If you’re going to visit relatives then it’s a sweet way to reintroduce your child to them with lots of stories and great tales.

10 You.  You are the best toy in the house.  Go you!  You can be bounced on, climbed on, cuddled, hidden from – the list is endless.

I'll go anywhere with you mum

I’ll go anywhere with you mum

Happy Travels.

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