Newburgh Beach, Scotland – Photo Journal

Photo Journal – When fewer words is more.

Winter sun.  Gloves, hats, scarves, wellies, waterproof playsuits…


Newburgh Beach, Aberdeenshire.


Seals basking.


Mr Toddler sleeping.


Slinging the baby – admittedly sounds like a medieval catapult competition.


Sun shining.

Nearest city – Aberdeen.  Nearest airport – Aberdeen.

I like shooting into the sun.  I like silhouettes.  I just do.  It does also hide the reality of milk and dribbles on our clothes but that aside I just love it.

LOWDOWN – We drove to Newburgh from Aberdeen, pulled into Bridge Terrace when Mr Husband saw a sign saying ‘Coull Walkway’ and claimed it must be ‘fun’.  We dragged our buggy round a golf club and down a sand dune (of course) but found a more sensible route back.  You just have to follow your nose.  Ideal sling territory if you’re into it.  Lots of dog walkers if you have a tot and a pup.

Enjoy your winter walks.