NO TOTS! – Kildrummy Inn, Aberdeenshire

The blog may be called Tots2Travel but occasionally we think SCREW THE TOTS, YOU’RE NOT COMING WITH US.   Well, we’ve thought this only once since Mr Baby joined the ranks of Mr Toddler ten months ago.  The night of the great escape arrived.  Nanny was installed.  We were off!


Scottish vibe – love it.

We rocked up, completely overdressed, cos we don’t get out much, to the very homely and Scottish ‘Kildrummy Inn‘ just outside Alford in Aberdeenshire.  Mr Husband found a remarkable place that I’m surprised I hadn’t heard about before.  Only an hour from Aberdeen it’s a little cracker which has gone under the radar for too long.

As we checked in and were led to our room we grinned like buffoons, exchanged conspiratorial glances, smirked, possibly giggled, cast furtive glances around, looked guilty then starting grinning again.  In short it looked like we were having an affair.  That’s what having two babies only 16 months apart does to you.  Then, predictably, we hit the bar.


No babies, no breastfeeding, no interrupted sleep – OPEN THE WINE!

Kildrummy Inn is a family run establishment and the service from Nigel Hake and his staff was impeccable.  As we glugged wine we perused the menu, checked our mobile to ensure there weren’t 12 missed emergency calls from nanny, and placed our dinner order.


My starter – beetroot, celery, hazelnut, apple and fennel, goats cheese puree

The other huge draw of the inn is the food.   The chef David Littlewood is only a Masterchef of Great Britain and Scottish Chef of the Year 2013/14.  Get him!  That’s a huge achievement, and yes, you could taste it.  The dishes looked impeccable but it isn’t trendy, foutery nonsense, it tastes spot on and the portion size was excellent too.  We sat and, like total stereotypes, talked about the babies cos that’s what you do when you get a few hours away from them.  I think we even looked at some photos.


Mr Husband’s ‘beef two ways’ main course


My cod main course with shrimps and polenta and truffle oil – gorgeous truffle oil

The menu is fixed price so two courses cost £25, three courses cost £30 and after dinner tea/coffee with sweets is £3.50.

After dining we went back to the lounge with our coffees and then followed up our wine with some liqueurs.  Then we retired to our room which was pretty standard and comfortable but importantly THERE WERE NO CHILDREN IN IT.

Lastly you can possibly imagine how excited we were about breakfast, I mean I haven’t eaten breakfast without small people since January 2014 at my friend’s house in Stirling.  I remember.

The breakfast at Kildrummy Inn is chosen from a menu.  Toast, juice and coffee arrive then I selected homemade muesli, Mr Husband had porridge then we both had kippers as the main attraction. Lots of little homemade extras, lovely crockery and attention to detail once more.  Eating in peace was joyous, not a mashed Weetabix in sight.

20151231_091856_resized_1In total we were gone for 14 hours.  It was BLISS.  Bliss, I tell you.  Then we headed home.  This is the part where I’m meant to say how lovely it was to be reunited with my kids and gush a bit, but it’s so bloody obvious I’ll spare you the tedium and hope you get a night away with the love of your life too.

THE LOWDOWN – Kildrummy Inn is closed for the month of January and reopens in February 2016.  Perfect for Valentine’s Day?