10 Reasons to Go On A Baby-Moon

The arrival of your child is imminent, your belly is swollen with anticipation and you may be feeling a bit ‘get this baby out of me!’  You might wish to stay home and nest, but if there’s a part of you that’s curious about a baby-moon here’s ten reasons to just book that ticket, get up (slowly) and waddle to the airport.


1 It’s romantic.  You can be romantic at home but if you get away from your work, decorating the nursery at home and the general daily grind you can spend time with your other half and remind yourself what’s great about your parter before the utterly life-changing baby arrives.  This event alters you as a couple for better and for worse.  When the baby makes its grand appearance you will have less time for each other – sleep deprivation, baby puke and dirty nappies don’t enhance the romatic ambience either.  Secondly, you may not have the chance of another date night for a while as a new baby needs regular feeds.  And lastly you may very well end up hating your husband – not in a deep way but in a it’s 4.30am and if you dare snore again as I feed this child for the fifth time tonight you may snore your last kind of way, it’s loving really.

pregnant-1132622_19202  You get Great Photos.  My husband doesn’t generally take photos of me around the house. Hey darling you look amazing, turn and snap!  But on holiday most people take photographs of each other so following the baby-moon I came home with fab photos of my pregnancy.  It’s very easy to forget to photograph your bump and I’m so delighted I managed to get a few images of my swollen tum.

3 You don’t look fat in your bikini, you don’t look thin, you look pregnant.  End of.

4 You can enjoy the flight.  I know being pregnant and sipping on an OJ isn’t the same as getting slightly squiffy off the drinks trolley but trust me this last flight without a baby is sheer bliss.  Read a magazine, go to the toilet whenever you want, drink a scalding hot coffee, even fall asleep.  Family holidays are brilliant but the flight is always – … – … – interesting.


Packing changes once you have a baby 🙂

5 You can pack what the hell you like – a snorkel mask, sketchpad, extra shoes – whatever.  When Junior arrives you’ll be carrying nappies, tiny outfits, buggies, car seats etc. etc. etc. so please enjoy packing lovely, lovely items just for you.

6 Get some Perspective.  You will already be in baby world where every second thought, question and task concerns the unborn child.  It can be good to take your foot off the pedal and get away from it all, away from the well meaning relatives, the medical profession and any office politics.  It’s possible to get consumed by the pregnancy whirl going on around you – it’s all anyone talks about – but by going abroad you can see (in the nicest possible way) that the world isn’t that bothered by your pregnancy, it will carry on regardless so chill out and enjoy the moment.

7 This may be the last time you can book a single hotel room without sharing it with a small human.  That tiny infant in the travel cot changes everything.  You’ll be tiptoeing to bed, trying to watch a bit of tele before turning in without waking the cherub.  So, for now, enjoy going out in the evening to whatever hour you choose, make as much noise as you want, watch tele at a normal volume and leaves the light on for as long as you like.

8 Money.  You have to be sensible and be able to afford a baby-moon, it is a complete luxury, but it’s easy to talk yourself out of it stressing about what the baby might need.  If you’ve got the major purchases (cot, buggy etc.) you might be surprised at how little a baby requires in terms of material things.  You will be given SO MUCH STUFF, as gifts or second hand, that you might spend less than expected.  [Additionally your social life and social spending will take a headlong hurl off a cliffside, apart from the odd coffee and cake my outgoings for the first three to six months were pretty much nil.]

9 Relax. You can lie on a sun lounger, listen to your iPod, chill for as long as your pregnant bladder and your appetite allow.  When you go on holiday again you simply will not be able to do this – you will love taking your baby swimming, watch them dig their first hole in the sand, eat new foreign foods and savour their delight as they experience the sea and the waves for the first time.  But for now, while you can, relax.

pregnant-711747_192010  You deserve it.  Yes you’re lucky to be pregnant but every pregnant woman makes countless sacrifices throughout the gestation and labour, and as a mother you will continue to make sacrifices every single day.  So go on holiday and treat yourself, because when the baby arrives your focus truly shifts elsewhere.

And the bonus ball answer – the gold star answer – SLEEP.  Yes, have a lie in.  Luxury time just chilling in your bed will end soon.  All the very best with the birth of your new baby.


So those were the fun reasons to go on a baby-moon, but there’s also a few practical health, safety and practical things to consider too which I’ll sum up in a separate post.  When you go away all you’ll have to worry about is suncream application.  If you like what you read please add your email address into the ‘Follow’ box then click ‘Follow’.  And for any queries or opportunities please email tots2travel@hotmail.com, or join the conversation at http://www.facebook.com/tots2travel.wordpress.com.