BBC Radio Scotland – Paperwork Needed to Fly with Tots

It was lovely meeting Out for the Weekend presenter Fiona Stalker once more to discuss what exactly is required when you fly with children – and the paperwork starts when you’re pregnant!


I find there’s something inherently stressful about airports so I want to have all my ducks in row, everything organised so that it all goes as smoothly as possible.  The airport staff are usually really helpful but having everything in order leaves you one step ahead.  Visit BBC Radio Scotland and click on 51’20.

Personally I found it easiest to get my baby’s passport photo done at Timpson’s, as described in the interview you lie your child on a white mat on the ground, it worked best for us.  And lastly, Boots was the chemist where you can preorder formula, or whatever you want, to collect once you’re through security.

Happy travels.