Hotel Barcelona Golf Resort & Spa – An Ideal Family Hotel Near Barcelona

You want to stay in the heart of Barcelona, in the thick of it, near the bars, clubs and Las Ramblas etc.?  I get it.  With two kids I’m just not always that person any more, and sometimes I’m glad of it because Tots2Travel experienced a quite frankly brilliant hotel, half an hour from the city centre and Barcelona El Prat airport, and a short drive to the utterly stunning Montserrat Monastery.  This hotel was also far cheaper than staying in the city or at a popular beach resort.


THE ROOM –  The Barcelona Golf Resort and Spa offers spacious, modern rooms.  Our requested toddler-bed and travel cot were in place when we arrived.  The bath, shower and toilet were all separate, ideal for when a family is co-habiting.  Our room was conveniently on the ground floor.  I particularly liked the huge, wonderfully lit mirror located close to bathroom but away from all the steam – ideal for any woman getting ready.  Everything was slick and felt like a treat.

What appealed to me about this hotel was the sheer sense of space.  The lobby was vast, the rooms were large, the grounds, pool and bar area were expansive.  Space is at a premium along the Costas and in Barcelona itself.  By heading a little out of town and inland we’d bought space.

THE POOL – Our kids hit up the baby pool in no time.  The water is of one shallow depth, ideal for Mr Toddler.  Mr Baby liked freaking us out by going on all fours and putting his face underwater.  Why???  He loved it, they both loved it.  Having never been on holiday with two toddlers before (yes, they are both walking now) I was a little exhausted.  Mr Toddler also liked the water features dotted around the grounds, and the sound of them was pretty calming for my frazzled nerves.

DINING – We’d booked a ‘room only rate’ so we paid extra for the buffet evening meal on our first night at the hotel.  Both the infants dined for free.  The staff were helpful with high chairs and service was good.  The food was of a high standard for a buffet and varied, with a range of meat, pastas and salad.  The house wine was included in the price too.

The second night we ate in the nearby town of Martorell and we were a bit ripped off.  The cafe served up none of the tapas we ordered, in fact the food bore no relation to what we’d requested and as we’d chosen from the English menu we knew exactly what we’d selected.  As neither of us spoke Spanish we just ate it anyway, rather than send it back with two sleepy toddlers dining with us.  We didn’t have the time or the language skills to question it.  It then turned out we’d eaten the most expensive things on the menu.  Coincidence?   We’d consumed the items so of course we had to pay.  How would we argue in English anyway?   The bill was three times what we expected.  So I’ve learned a lesson I can pass on, never eat something you haven’t ordered.

Of course our experience in Martorell had nothing to do with the hotel. Back at the Barcelona Golf Resort and Spa the breakfast was again a buffet affair – I am always astounded how many sausages my children wish to consume.  Surreal.


LOCATION – We chose to stay at the Hotel Barcelona Golf Resort and Spa as we were specifically looking for a hotel close to the Montserrat Monastery (post to follow), and close to Barcelona El Prat airport. This hotel is ideally situated about half an hour away from both locations.

PARKING – Parking is free at the hotel within the underground carpark.  Lifts take you to the floor of the hotel you require.

Tots2Travel flew with Norwegian from Edinburgh airport to Barcelona.  We spent five nights on the Costa Brava in the Platja D’Aro area, followed by two nights in the Barcelona Golf Resort and Spa, hiring a car to get around.  I certainly feel you need a car to reach anywhere of interest from this hotel.

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