Down on the Farm : Wynford Farm, Aberdeen

Wynford Farm initially offered soft play in its ‘Play Barn’, as well as a decent cafe for parents to catch up and attempt to relax amongst the screaming cherubs. It was on the land of an organic farm but the soft play itself wasn’t particularly farm-like, it just so happened to be in a slightly rural location. This has totally changed with the relatively new addition of its Farm Park (which admittedly has taken me rather longer than expected to visit). I’m glad I did because it’s now got so much more on offer.


The gorgeous escapee

We arrived at 10.30am and the tots immediately marched off with a two bags of feed in the general direction of the animals. One bag marked ‘pigs’ was for the curliest Mangalitsa pigs – pellets were dropped down a tube enabling kids to feed, yet simultaneously keep a safe distance, from these curly gobblers. One piglet did escape the inner pen and beamed the cheekiest grins, so of course extra feed went his way, and he slipped back into his pen delighted with himself.


Feeding and saying hi to the goats

Next we fed the goats with the dedicated concentration kids assume when given a task of this significance.

Wynford Farm has a series of events running throughout each day, and at 11.00am it was time for the animal handling session. Of course I worried that we’d see some wide-eyed, bewildered creatures being manhandled by a bunch of toddlers, but it was a really positive experience. The handful of young children in attendance were completely enraptured by two guinea pigs, called Dougal and Milo, that were clearly used to human contact. The youngsters were SO gentle, almost in awe of the wee creatures, that it was lovely to watch. Some barely touched the guinea pigs, others bravely pointed a finger in their direction, and the more confident children cradled a guinea pig in their arms. After a few minutes the animals were returned to their pen, and Ruffles the Rabbit got his moment in the spotlight.

Again Ruffles was very used to human company, and tiny little hands reached out to stroke his soft fur. The bravest of the brave sat holding Ruffles like he was the most precious creature on earth, which to them, of course, he was.


Soft play at Wynford Farm

Suddenly it was noon, and we dined in the cafe on decent ‘soup and a sandwich’ fare, before the kids went nuts in the soft play for half an hour.

Then back outdoors for imaginary rides on static tractors – the pink one being a particular favourite with Mr Toddler. And the combine harvester grabbed the attention of Mr Husband who actually sat in the cabin for quite some time without any of the children with him. Then the boys were playing in possibly the biggest sandpit I’ve ever seen (bar the beach of course). After a little ‘panning for gold’ as Wynford describe it (mucking about with water is a more accurate description of what went on, but everyone was happy), and climbing on and sliding down the playground equipment, it was 2.00pm and time for the Farm Safari. This was my favourite part of the day.

All aboard a trailer, pulled by a very cool tractor, we got a tour of more animals living in the fields ‘behind the scenes’. We pulled in to feed the pigs, pellets were hurled from the trailer with wild abandon by the youngsters, the same occurred with the sheep, and then we came face to face with some beautiful Highland cattle and alpacas. It costs an extra £1 per person to do the Farm Safari but the boys loved it.

By 3.00pm we’d been in the sun all day, we were wrecked in a good way and, having nipped out to spend a few hours at Wynford Farm, we’d somehow spent the day there.

OUR STORY – We drove from Aberdeen the few miles west towards Westhill. The pricing structure at Wynford Farm is a little complex so it’s easier to view the pricing page yourself. There were additional charges of £1 per person for the Farm Safari and £1 for a bag of feed.

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