How A Career at the BBC Prepares You for Having a Baby

Hi.  I’m pleased to start writing non-travel related material for the rather wonderful Mommy Effect.  Here’s my first post for them for any media mammas out there 🙂 How a Career at the… Continue reading

5 Child Friendly Hogmanay Hoots!

Hogmanay – let’s celebrate, let’s go out, go mental. Scratch that.  We’ve got kids.  Can we still have fun?  Course we can! Here’s a round up of the best of Scotland’s family friendly… Continue reading

Newburgh Beach, Scotland – Photo Journal

Photo Journal – When fewer words is more. Winter sun.  Gloves, hats, scarves, wellies, waterproof playsuits… Newburgh Beach, Aberdeenshire. Seals basking. Mr Toddler sleeping. Slinging the baby – admittedly sounds like a medieval… Continue reading

5 Festive Days Out in Scotland

Since having children I’ve realised Christmas is the one time of year that kids’ activities and adult activities merge as I regress to a childlike elf.  So as I tuck into another selection… Continue reading

Look What We Found on AirBnB

Check out my latest post on Irish Family Website ‘Family Friendly HQ’.  Delighted to be a regular contributor. And if you know of any B&Bs deserving of a profile please drop me… Continue reading

How to Taste the Five Star Lifestyle with Tots

I never presume people’s budgets; some readers live the five star lifestyle.  I don’t.  So if I was going to stay in a luxury establishment I wouldn’t take my two gorgeous, noisy, pukey,… Continue reading

Top Ten Toys for Travelling Tots

Travelling with children is ‘fun’.  It’s also about survival.  Entertain them I say.  Here’s how. 1 Balloons – it’s easy to keep a pack in your bag then blow them up to get… Continue reading

A Scottish Winter Wonderland? Found It!

Winter wonderlands are beginning to be portrayed in the media.  ‘We’ll get a cottage’ someone suggests, ‘a cute winter wonderland cottage’, but it’s not that easy.  You end up sick of trawling the… Continue reading

Tips for Fighting the Post-Vacation Blues

As the Tattie (or October/Mid Term) Holidays come to an end it’s lovely to have a guest post from The Traveling Gals to ease that post-holiday dip.  The Gals have a wonderful blog… Continue reading

First Holiday Romance! You Won’t Guess How He Impressed the Girls…

We did not see this coming… When you go on a package holiday with your 22 month old son you don’t expect to have to deal with a frickin’ holiday romance.  He’s 22 months… Continue reading