Monthly Archive: March, 2016

Hotel Profile – Hilton Coylumbridge with Kids, Aviemore, Scotland

There are several almost legendary child-friendly hotels in Scotland.  One is the Crieff Hydro which I took my firstborn to when he was three months old and another is the epic Hilton Coylumbridge in… Continue reading

Days Out – Easter Egg Hunts for Tots

We’re going on an Egg Hunt, I’m going to find a Big one, What a beautiful day, I Love Chocolate. Sharpen those elbows as it’s time to race the kids to find the chocolate eggs… Continue reading

Days Out – La Arena Beach, Los Gigantes, Tenerife

Sand is a bit meh: I dislike babies covered in sand, I dislike baby’s food covered in sand, I dislike babies eating sand but I accept it’s a professional liability.

10 Reasons to Go On A Baby-Moon

The arrival of your child is imminent, your belly is swollen with anticipation and you may be feeling a bit ‘get this baby out of me!’  You might wish to stay home and… Continue reading

Hotel Profile – Be Live! Hotel Costa Los Gigantes, Tenerife

Our hotel in Los Gigantes was … gigantic.  It was busy, lively, bustling, fun and chilled out. The Be Live brand earmark their hotels into categories (City, Collection, Experience, Adults Only and Family)… Continue reading