The Faroes: A Wild Paradise

If you’re starting to think of unusual holiday destinations for 2018, or even the Tattie Holidays, then I’ve maybe got one for you. In May I went on a press trip to the Faroes, a tiny cluster of islands in the North Atlantic. It sounds remote but you can hop on a direct flight from Edinburgh and be there in just over an hour. Before you know it you’ve landed in this breathtaking landscape that I’ve been describing as awesome with a dose of epic thrown in.


I didn’t take my little ones, as it was a work trip so they were in daddy daycare, but I don’t see any reason why I couldn’t have done – they would have loved the beaches and all the sheep! This destination isn’t a sun trap but if you’re passionate about the scenery of Scotland then you’ll instantly find affinity with the Faroes – the sweeping valleys, the rugged hillsides, the picturesque coastal villages.


The Faroes is ideal for those who love the great outdoors, hiking, wildlife, good food and adventure. It’s also known for knitwear as the jumper worn in The Killing by Sarah Lund is Faroese – the knitwear shops offer up some gorgeous wools and dresses as well as cosy sweaters. I really coveted the white creation below – how practical.

The food is excellent. The Faroese have quite a simple larder but they’re imaginative with it. On the whole, only hardy animals and plants flourish, for example rather than savouring delicate strawberries we were sipping on rhubarb cordial. I found it much more refreshing than most soft drinks available in restaurants and bars back home. Rhubarb style Kir Royale was another favourite of mine. Lots of glorious slow cooked meat was served in ‘Aarstova’, a wonderful seafood restaurant called ‘Barbara’ dished up beautiful horse mussels and cod, and excellent “Heimablídni” or home-dining was provided in the dining room of a local farmer. Home dining would work work exceptionally well for families, the couple we visited were warm and friendly, and they even had kittens.


The glamorous side of Faroese knitwear

If the Faroe Islands pique your interest then I wrote an article for the Press and Journal which has a lot more detail in it about accommodation, restaurants and specific dramatic hikes so do take a read here. It loads slowly, piece by piece, so go easy!

Oh, and do try ræst – that was a new one to me. Ræst is a very specific flavour and method of preserving food. Foreigners react to ræst in the Faroes in a similar way to how they react to haggis in Scotland – lots of questions and uncertainties over something we consider quite commonplace. But you’ve got to try everything once.

I can almost guarantee you’ll return bright eyed and almost literally blown away by the Faroes.


Home dining in the Faroes

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